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Artworks by my Students

I have been teaching drawing and painting to adult students in my studio for about 10 years now. To say that teaching is a joy, although cliche, is an understatement. It's a learning experience from me as well as them. Their questions and progress make me think all the harder how to communicate what I want them to learn and to help them achieve their own art goals. They make me a better painter and teacher and turn out some fine work of their own. here are some examples.

Chateau by Barbara    pastel
Mexican Girl by Barbara  pastel
Still Life by Hannah  pastel
Aspens in Spring by Karen W.   oil
Pot and Pears by Jeffrey  oil
Winterscape by Jeffrey  oil
Flower Vase by Katherine  
Poppies by Judi  oil
Golf Course by Judi  oil
Sylvan Woods by Karen W.
Four Horses by Robert  oil
Plantains by Roger  oil

Jack by Sara  pastel
Constable copy by Leon  oil
Monet copy by Leon  oil
Mosque by Roger    oil
Three masters by Leon  oil
Still Life by Liz  acrylic