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Hidden Visions

I've been a dancer, performer, and competitor for 40 years (retired). Although I danced Ballroom and not Ballet, I always wished I had had the opportunity to dance Ballet. This series isn't about the glamour and artistry. It reflects on the commitment, pain and injury, disappointment, competitiveness, criticism of a dancer's/ artist's path in the achievement of their goal- sometimes never found at all. It is the hidden aspect of art and artistry.
The Italian masks are things of beauty but are designed to hide the wearer's identity, emotions, and intent. Both the masks and dance hide the truth of what it takes to bring fantasy to life. 
Harlequin     20x 17
All Danced out     24x 12   (sold)
Entre Acte      24x 30
Debut     22x 16
Harlequin and Cat     12x 24

Purple Harlequin  10x 8

Bacchus' Gold     20x 20
Red Shoes     18x 30
White Face     20x 24
The Red Velvet Mask    30x 20
Red and Gold 10x8
Blue Mask  8x 10
Peccato!  30x 24
White Harlequin   10x 8
Pink Harlequin  10x8

The Doctor and the Dancer   24x 24
After Class   18x 30
Dancing with Ivan and Zach 24x 12
Imitating Tamara  24x 12