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The Waiting Room

These are life size canvasses wherein I have tried to capture my subjects posed in everyday activities, some public, some private, but alone with their own thoughts. Each of us has moments like this when the world recedes and time passes as we ruminate. Our thoughts may be very personal or mundane, memories or fantasies. These thoughts come to us unbidden and carry us away for moments or hours. At these times, we are not of the world. It exists around us and continues without our participation but the world sees us. It considers our separateness with curiosity, amusement, or envy and in that consideration is itself caught. Time passes and is reflected between the viewer and the viewed. Quiet consideration prevails over physical action.

The Model   48x 60
The Martial Artist   36x 72
The Dreamer   60x 72
The Gardener   48x 60
The Dancer   36x 72
The Commuter   42x 82
The Artist   48x 60
The Mother   48x 60
The Musician   30x 40
The Sunbather   48x 72
The Scholar   48x 60