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Small Landscapes

Small paintings are a way to learn a new subject. Some are sketches, some are finished works. All are signposts on the path to learning something new about painting and the world in which we live.

A Break in the Trees  6x 6
Summer Day 6x 6
Golden Sky   10x 12
Roman Glow  6x 6

A Break in the Clouds  7x 5

La Campagna  9x 6

Liquid Sky  5x 7


A Walk in the Park 5x 7

Where the Farm Meets the Sky  7x 5


Sunset, Moonrise  7x 5
Route 1  7x  5

Lakeview 2   14x 11

Chaos Sky  5x 7

When the Storm has Passed
    5x 7

Cloud Explosion  5x 7
Back of the Park  5x 7

Dutch masters  11x 14

Susan's Skies #9  14x 11

Cumulus Shapes    5x 7
Lakeview 1  14x 11

Above the Tree Line     7x 5

Where the Farm meets the Sky     7x 5
Ode to the Barbizon  11x 14
Chromatic Dawn   14x 11
Turner's Duck Pond   19x13 
Evening Sail  14x 11
Purple and Orange  Sky  14x 11
Orange, White, Black  11x 14