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Small Landscapes

Small paintings are a way to learn a new subject. Some are sketches, some are finished works. All are signposts on the path to learning something new about painting and the world in which we live.

On the Schuykill        7x 5

Summer Day 6x 6
Golden Sky   9 x 12
Autumn Afternoon 5x 7

A Break in the Clouds  7x 5
California Dreaming  7x 5

Liquid Sky  5x 7


A Walk in the Park 5x 7

Where the Farm Meets the Sky  7x 5


Sunset, Moonrise  7x 5
Route 1  7x  5

Lakeview 2   14x 11

Chaos Sky  5x 7

When the Storm has Passed
    5x 7

Cloud Explosion  5x 7
Back of the Park  5x 7

Dutch masters  11x 14

Susan's Skies #9  14x 11

Cumulus Shapes    5x 7
Double Sunset  7x 5

Vineyard 7x 5
Winter Blue  7x 5

Chromatic Dawn   14x 11

Evening Sail  14x 11
Purple and Orange  Sky  14x 11

The Burning  14x 11
Misty Morning  5x 7
By the Sea     10x 20
Lakeview I    14x 11
The Path      11x14
I Think that I Shall Never See 7x 5