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Master Copies - "Forgeries"

Copying the Old Masters is a time honored tradition. We learn new techniques, acquire new insights.
My own copies add a bit of myself into the picture frame, not to possess but to pay tribute to the Master as the acolyte. 

In Praise of Chardin   11x 14     (sold)
After Constable: The Carter   9x 12
Sailing with Hopper  11x 14     (sold)
Homage to Klimpt   16x 20     (sold)
Jules Pascin: "Claudia Resting"   16x 20
Walt Kuhn: "Chico in a Silk Hat"   16x 20
A la Moda d'Morandi   11x14
Morandi: "Pastorale"   11x 14     (sold)
In the Style of Aubrey Beardsley:
"The Water Spirit of Niigata"  9x 11    (sold)
Brixton after Constable  12x 18     (sold)
In the Style of Aubrey Beardsley:
"The Supplication: She whispered her secrets to the Great Fish"  9x 11       (sold)
The Artisan after Philippe Pavy  24x 30
Girl at the Window (detail) after Murillo
8x 6   (sold)
Fume d' Ambergris after John Singer Sargent  14x 11
Italina Girl with a Fan after John Singer Sarbent 16x 12
Spanish Girl after Robert Henri  20x 16
Young Girl with Gloves after Tamara de Lempicka  20x 16   (sold)