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Master Copies - "Forgeries"

Copying the Old Masters is a time honored tradition. We learn new techniques, acquire new insights.
My own copies add a bit of myself into the picture frame, not to possess but to pay tribute to the Master as the acolyte. 

Still Life after Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin  11x 14     (sold)
 The Carter after JohnConstable
   9x 12
Salome after Robert Henri 24x 18     (sold)
Sailing after Edward Hopper
 11x 14     (sold)
Homage to Klimpt   16x 20     (sold)
Berthe Morisot after Edouard Manet 16x 12
Claudia Resting after Jules Pascin  16x 20
Chico in a Silk Hat after Walt Kuhn  16x 20
Nikinsky after Franz Klein 14x 11
Still life after Giorgio Morandi   11x14
Pastorale after Giorgio Morandi
 11x 14     (sold)
El Jardin d' Alhambra after Joaquin Sorolla 10x 8   (sold)
In the Style of Aubrey Beardsley:
"The Water Spirit of Niigata"  9x 11    (sold)
Brixton after John Constable  12x 18     (sold)
 Right and Left after Winslow Homer   (sold)
In the Style of Aubrey Beardsley:
"The Supplication: She whispered her secrets to the Great Fish"  9x 11       (sold)
The Artisan after Philippe Pavy 
 24x 30
Girl at the Window (detail) after Murillo
8x 6   (sold)
Fume d' Ambergris after John Singer Sargent  14x 11
Italian Girl with a Fan after John Singer Sargent 16x 12
Spanish Girl after Robert Henri 
 20x 16
Young Girl with Gloves after Tamara de Lempicka  20x 16   (sold)
Version of Dorita after Robert Henri  24x 18