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Impressions of China

After travelling to Beijing in 2005, I wanted to produce a series of work to capture my fleeting impressions. China is a country of contrasts. Aside from the political contradictions, my impressions are that China and it's people live an existence of layers- the public and the private, ancient and modern, cautious and free. It is the people that give  a country it's identity, its soul. This is what I wanted to capture.

The softness of this process lends itself to my vision. The photo transfers of real people and their places printed over multiple layers of color and texture give the images a hazy quality as if remembered in a dream. Perhaps it is the subtle layer of reticence that keeps the real China separate from the Westerner. We must peer beneath the layers to find the soul of China.

The Red Door 14x18 (sold)
The Restaurant  14x18
The Wall  14x18
The Courtyard 14x18

 The Bicycle 14x18     (sold)
The Alleyway 14x18
Fire Pots  14x18 (sold)
Carriages  14x18