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Classical Realism

Still life subjects are so natural for me. I can spend hours or days establishing the composition just to get the right play of light and color.

Asian Gold  24x 18 
Afternoon Light  26x30
Quince and the Green Cat  18x 24

The Pewter Vase  16x 12
Lemon Shelf 8x 20   (sold)

Plums Away 8x 20

Gold and Lemons  18x 24
The Pewter Vase  16x 12
Lemon Table   20x 30
A Doll's heart  15x 15

The Millennium Vase  24x30
 Wedding Brass  24x24

Lunch ala Chardin 16x 20

Copper Collection 20x 30
 The Mexican Pitcher   21x 17
Blue Fiesta     24x 24
Brass Teapot and Apples  15x 15


Kettle and Lemons  15x 15
Glowing Apples  12x 24

Blue and White Vase and Fruit 8x 24
Seven Oranges    11x 23

A Bowl and some Apples 8x 20
Luminous Shells     8x 20

Yellow Plums and Ivy    2x 23

Lemons on Napkin  11 x14

Bamboo and Porcelain  16x 20