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Small Work

Daisies in Curly Vase 8x 8

Six Apples   11x14

Pears on Tapestry   8x 10

Amber Glow    9x 12


Harlequin Leaves 9x 12    
Jug and Clementines 10x 8

Melon and Grapes   11x 14

The Red Jar  8x 8


Red and Brass  16x 12

Apples and green Kettle     8x 10

Silver Teapot and Gerbera  10x12

Cabana Pear  11x 14

A Pair of Boscs   10x 8

Garden Peppers I   8x 10

Mandarins    10x 8

Garden Peppers II  8x 10
Cascading Grapes  11x 14


Easter Egg     11x 14
Pomodori II  9x 12

The Tang Horse    11x 14
Honey or Lemon  8x 10

Ivy and Apples   10x 12

Take Out Boxes III  8x 10

Take Out Boxes I   8x 10
For the Love of Six Oranges  11x14

Flutter Vase and fruit  11x 14

Three Little Shells 10x 8
Red, PInk, and Green Apples
9x 12

Four Fruits   11x 14

Eastern Vase and Persimmons 
10x 8
Tin Jug and Peaches  10x 8