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Abstract scapes

Abstract scape is a term seen these days to describe non representational work with specific landscape references. This series came about after re acquainting my self with some of the mid 20th century abstract artists- specifically, Albers, Rothko, Klein, and Still. I love the color blocking and the transparencies with which they created their marvels. I had done some small pallet knife landscape paintings as a teaching experiment. I took those small works off their stretchers and combined them with the larger color "scapes'. They are sewn onto the larger canvasses and then I carried their movements onto the larger space. My intent was to interweave the planes to create an ambiguous space. 

One     30x 40
Two     30x 40
Three  30x 40
Four     30x 40
Five     30x 40
Six     36x30
Seven    38x 32